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The Tree Of The Soul Grows Deep And Wide: A Retroactive Enchantment Experiment

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New year, new blog, new magical experiments abound!

After being severely disappointed with the interface of Squarespace - and not wanting to leave my intellectual property directly on Patreon, because they’ve demonstrated they can’t be trusted - I decided to set up shop on the Svbtle network for all of my blog posts for the time being.

This post is a comprehensive explanation + reflection on a magical experiment that is currently in progress involving a mechanism for retroactive enchantment, and the implementation of some modern versions of seidr.

In my own words:

essentially: i’m going to rewrite my childhood and uh, for lack of a better way of describing this, ‘weave over’ my actual childhood.

obviously my actual childhood will still be there, but the holes/damage it left behind and the memories/patterns of trauma and not-helpful-ness will be covered up...

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